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 o/ Fabs Intro

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New Adventurer

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Level : 75
Registration date : 2009-01-28

PostSubject: o/ Fabs Intro   Wed Jan 28, 2009 12:34 pm

Heya ive actualy been in the shell for like 4 months now but this is first time ive been on forum lawls.

Name: Fabiar
Pet Job: 75 BST
TOAH: finished
Cop: Finshed
WotG: lolwotgiduno
Time on FFXI: Been playing a while now since ffxi was on xbox beta sever
Greatest achievement: well ive killed alot nms solo/duo with bst, Soloed Ungur, Soloed Despot, Soloed Amikari (spelling?), Duoed Xotoxl hell that was in an intense fight. these are rly the only ones i can think of
Nms i want to try solo: Rutter Sabatons (Duoed with a smn very easily wondering if it can be soloed..), Guivre ( yeah i know its almost impossible, ive tried half hearltedly once and got him down about 12% b4 he caught up with me and ate me).

And for the NMs I cant solo on BST im leveling RDM xD
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o/ Fabs Intro
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