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Puppet without strings

Number of posts : 34
Pet Job : PUP
Level : 75
Registration date : 2008-10-22

PostSubject: Darkangeljt   Fri Oct 24, 2008 12:40 am

Name of Character:

Highest level pet job:

Zilart Mission you are on:

COP Mission you are on:

ToAU Mission you are on:
I dunno.. But its before black coffin.

Time Zone:

How long have you been addicted to FFXI:
2 months before the US PC release. I actually imported FFXI and played the JP version. Interesting times I must say.

How bad is your addiction:
Playing on and off for about 5 years(on a previous account).

Funniest Experience on FFXI:
Any time I prove a "PUP hater" wrong and impress them. Cool

Future goals in FFXI: Get PUP to 75, Buy Tranquilizer and Condenser, Merit PUP abilities and what not for my BLM frame. Then do missions.
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Sheep Moderator in Wolf Clothing

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Age : 45
Pet Job : Virginia
Level : BLM75/BST75/SCH75/WAR75/DRK75/THF75
Registration date : 2008-10-22

PostSubject: Re: Darkangeljt   Fri Oct 24, 2008 6:08 am

Welcome to our insanity.
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