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 Fenrar waving hello

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New Adventurer
New Adventurer

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Pet Job : Beastmaster
Level : 27
Registration date : 2009-05-09

PostSubject: Fenrar waving hello   Sat May 09, 2009 10:55 am

Name of Character: Fenrar
Highest level pet job: BST 29 (almost 30)
Zilart Mission you are on: Not started
COP Mission you are on:Not started
ToAU Mission you are on:Not started
Time Zone: GMT+1 (Belgium)
How long have you been addicted to FFXI: I played back in 2004 for a while, and was then playing a Dragoon to 75 and then got bst to 50's before I left for WoW. I then played WoW for a long time, and I still do play, but I enjoy the challange FFXI is, I got things to do there as apposed in WoW where only thing I do is raid.. =)
How bad is your addiction: I play almost everyday for a few hours at least. Depends on my work as well, as I work shifts alot. I also have obligations to my WoW guild, but overall I'd say I play for at least 2 hours everyday..
Funniest Experience on FFXI: Managing to solo/sneak/run myself trough getting the 3 basic teleports without any help what so ever.
Future goals in FFXI: Try and get BST to 75, after that.. I don't know but for now Im trying to get to 75 and unlock levels aetc and just taking it easy enjoying myself.
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Fenrar waving hello
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