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 Nalfey's Intro

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New Adventurer
New Adventurer

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PostSubject: Nalfey's Intro   Sun Sep 13, 2009 12:38 pm

Name of Character: Nalfey

Highest level pet job: PUP 75

Zilart Mission you are on: 15 "The Sealed Shrine"

COP Mission you are on: 8-5 "The Last Verse"

ToAU Mission you are on: 20 "Teahouse Tumult"

Time Zone: GMT+1 (but I don't sleep much so I play at night same time as North America)

How long have you been addicted to FFXI: 5 years when it first came out in France

How bad is your addiction: I work alot IRL I'm a 3D Animator, so I play the week end and sometimes in the evening~night

Funniest Experience on FFXI: Hmmm lets see ... when I bought an Amemet Mantle for 2.5M insted of 2.5k or maybe when a guy called for help when we were @5% on Nidhogg

Future goals in FFXI: I haven't been in a LS for a long time and my main job is PUP so apart soloing and a few dynamis I haven t got much to do. I am already cooking and fishing lv100. So mainly my goal is making new friends, play FFXI in a new way and help people when I can.
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Animal Trainer
Animal Trainer

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PostSubject: Re: Nalfey's Intro   Fri Oct 09, 2009 4:46 pm

Sorry Nalfey for the super long wait for a reply.
The Linkshell isn't what it was before it's slowly dieing off.
Uh.. I'm trying my best to restart LS once again.
I'm setting up an event this Sunday 5 PM EST
If your still looking for a pearl, please /tell me in game or
leave a comment here.


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Nalfey's Intro
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