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 Introducing Gwentomnion

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New Adventurer
New Adventurer

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Level : 52
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PostSubject: Introducing Gwentomnion   Mon Nov 24, 2008 11:29 pm

Hello everyone, I just got my pearl tonight. So here's my intro.

Highest level pet job: Bst 53
Zilart Mission you are on: I'm up to the Archangel fight. Is that 14?
COP Mission you are on: That one where you fight the earth dragon. Or perhaps more perceisely, the one where you die to the earth dragon.

ToAU Mission you are on: I haven't really done much with ToAU at all.
Time Zone: EST

How long have you been addicted to FFXI:I started playing back at US launch, but I've taken several breaks for extended periods.

How bad is your addiction: Not bad these days, but back for the first year and a half of release, my /playtime was about 1/6 of the total earth time that had elapsed. Now I generally only play when my wife is either working or needs me to not bug her so she can do schoolwork. Ironically enough, I came back to FFXI from WoW because it was easier to solo and actually get somewhere in the game.

Funniest Experience on FFXI: Hmm... There's so many to choose from... Most involve trains come to think of it, perhaps they shouldn't have ever fixed that. Anyways, it was just after they started having weddings. One of our LS members got married, and after the wedding, we decided to see if it were possible to train every mob in valkrum. When we zoned it to Selbina, there was a hefty number of people that fled for there lives resting in the gates of the city. On person asked "Who did that?" and an LS member said "Some n00b." Then the guy said "Man, it's a good thing you guys were here to clean up the train then." It was classic.

Future goals in FFXI: Take bst to 75, and try to see what I can get done that doesn't involve huge time commitments or joining an HMNLS or something.

Thanks for having me aboard!
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Dual wield is SO 2004....

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PostSubject: Re: Introducing Gwentomnion   Tue Nov 25, 2008 11:21 am


Welcome to the forums and we are glad to have you aboard! It's nice to see some mid level BST. Our LS is currently top heavy with extremely talented high level pet jobbers.

Enjoy your stay.


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Introducing Gwentomnion
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